Picture: britishairways i360

The traditional walk down the pier has been a tradition at British seaside resorts since 1814. The idea was you could take in the air as you strolled down the ‘prom’. Then look back and enjoy the town or city you were visiting.

Brighton, on the English south coast, is a very popular with those living an hour away in London. The city enjoyed two piers until 2003 when fire ripped through the historic landmark and it later collapsed.

Fast forward to today (4th August 2016) and a pier is being opened right next to the site of the old west pier. This is no walk out on the ‘prom’ however. This is a pier in the sky. Supported by British Airways and other partners the British Airways i360 is a vertical pier.

The i360 is a cable car takes you up 450 feet (137 meters) in the air giving visitors a 360 view of the surrounding area with views over 26 miles. You will be standing or sitting to take in the view. There is even a skybar within the capsule that will open in the evening allowing you to enjoy a drink while you take in the evening view.

Picture: britishairways i360

The capsule is spacious and ten times the size of the pods at The London Eye at 18 meters in diameter.. Costing £46, The i360 is three times the size of Nelsons Colum.